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 The purpose of the Midstreams Property Owners Association, Inc. is to promote better and closer friendships among its members, to foster an interest in the general welfare and to increase the betterment of the neighborhood, to provide for social and community relations between members and their families, and to maintain and upkeep property owned by the Association.

The above paragraph is the first  one in the by-laws of our organization indicating its importance.  We members are blessed with a beautiful piece of land on the banks of the Beaver Dam Creek, deeded to the members of our neighborhood by Stanley and Adeline Jordan many decades ago. All we need to do is remember the purpose of our organization as originally envisioned.

The MPOA has continued the establishment of committees which provide for the various social activities for all of its members, the maintenance of the park-picnic-play grounds and boat areas, as well as some of the adopted neighborhood properties.

You are encouraged to participate in these activities along with the committees. Members typically contribute their vast array of talents, whether it be for the building and construction, culinary and picnic activities, or for the business end of property management and maintenance. Spring and fall cleanups and food oriented festivals are popular hits!

Besides this website, members receive our communications vehicles, the Midstreamer, and the more concise newsletter, the MPOA Bits & Pieces. These mailers often capture the actions of our members involved in the maintenance of our picnic areas or boating docks, or just enjoying the camaraderie at our seasonal seafood festival, pig roasts, barbecues, brunches, LUAUs, and wine & cheese night-outs.  Watersports Day, Easter Egg Hunts, pumpkin painting parties and crabbing contests have been held for the kids. The newsletter announces these activities, and contains full color photos of our members engaged in these and many more of these happenings as they occur at The Park.

So join up, participate in the activities with your member neighbors, look around, and you will find a vibrant social community with something almost always happening.
John Borowick MPOA Newsletter/Website
See You at The Park!