Community News, Rules & Regulations

Important Notice

To: All members, especially rampers, rackers, slip holders, and “1 in and 1 outers”

We all need to remember that our private MPOA park with water access is one of Midstreams’ most unique and valuable resources, and it belongs to the Midstreams Property Owners Association, Inc. – it is NOT a public or town park. Our Park provides all members with the ability to use a very nice children’s playground, picnic area, basketball court, volley ball and sunbathing beach, and probably the most sought after feature of all, water access for canoeing and kayaking, a boat launching ramp, as well as boat slips. It is also, according to the realtors, one of the main selling points they use in pushing house sales in our neighborhood and is a major justification for their 15% price premium. In short, it’s valuable and we all need to protect it.

So much for background, now to the main point:

The MPOA’s boating facilities are for the exclusive use of eligible MPOA members ONLY who:
• have paid for their use
• have submitted required paperwork proving that they are in fact the legal owner of the boat
• have submitted proof that the boat is properly and currently registered and insured
• allow only eligible family members to operate and use their boat
• participate in park and dock maintenance projects (and security projects if slip holders)
• do not loan their keys to ANYONE not authorized to use them. This includes, but is not limited to:
– loaning keys to an outsider, or friend, or neighbor
– “supervising” launches or retrievals by non-members or by unlocking the chain to facilitate them
• do not facilitate or condone unauthorized use of MPOA facilities
• follow all the rules and regulations for park and dock use
• act responsibly and don’t put ALL of us at risk of losing our park and docks through their thoughtless actions

Note: These rules also apply to members using the “1 launch and 1 retrieve” benefit, and requests to use the ramp MUST go through the dock committee-not other boaters.

Most members recognize the above as just plain common sense, so this reminder is really intended for the few who occasionally forget and create problems for the rest of us.

Remember that we are all affected by your actions, good or bad, and to help ensure that we can all continue to enjoy this irreplaceable neighborhood asset, please follow the common sense rules governing park and dock use. Remember also, that the Board of Trustees is made up of your fellow neighbors who have volunteered their time and efforts to maintain and improve our property for the enjoyment of all members, including themselves. We did not sign up to serve as enforcers.

Let’s all have a wonderful summer. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Your friends and neighbors,
MPOA Board of Trustees